Bioshock and Poodle Skirts

As I mentioned in my first post I actually never got a chance to play Bioshock when it came out. I just started playing it recently and so far so good. I’m not going to review it detail since you can find reviews for it elsewhere.

What I am going to mention about is the style. Most shooters use a predefined setting such as WWII or Sci-fi, but not Bioshock. It’s 1960’s feel is unique, fresh, and done in a way that feels like it belongs in the game. The Jules Verne like underwater setting is great as well.

I wonder at what point in the design process someone said “Hey! lets make it look old! Oh and underwater too! And can we add some creepy little girls?”. Awkward silence fills the meeting room before some executive agrees to the idea. The whole design team hates the guy that made the suggestion for about 6 months before deciding that this does actually look cool. Everyone takes him out and buys him a beer. Now he suggests their next game be about zombie cowboys invading Jerusalem.

Keep on harvesting little sisters people!


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