Robots don’t need plot

So if your at all a little nerdy I’m sure you’ve checked out Transformers 2 by now. And if your like me you enjoyed 2 hours of giant robots blowing things up. Its a simple movie with real depth to it.

The critics hate it becasue it’s plot is weak, cliched, and predictable.

All I can say to that is, “What the heck did you expect?!?!”

It’s living cars that shoot at each other! it’s a movie based on a children’s toy! The catch phrase is lame! I mean, really? “Autobots! Roll out!” A 3rd grader could have come up with a better idea!

I loved the movie. It’s what I wanted to see from Transformers. Pretty graphics and loud explosions. Over two hours of candy for the mind.

If I wanted to see a deep movie with an awe inspiring plot I just would have rented The Godfather.Which by the way people didn’t complain about The Godfather not having enough fighting robots in it. Which it should have.

Keep making offers they cannot refuse, People!


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