Voice Effect

Ok first off let me say i’m sorry for how long it’s been since my last post. I’m still trying my hardest to get into this seriously.

As of my last update I was playing KOTOR and loving the dialog of the game.  Good conversation means so much to a game. You can have the perfect game in all aspects but if you get some half-baked voice acting and poor writing your game will suck. Deus Ex, which I actually enjoyed playing, had some bad voice acting:

As a quick side note i’ll add the i’ve continued to play the newest Prince of Persia game, despite it’s lame gameplay, because of the good dialog and voice acting.

Now i’m playing Mass Effect and the voices are stellar. A solid line of dialog delivered by a good actor pulls you into a game like nothing else. To make things better once you’ve heard a character tell you something in a convincing way you can respond in an equally convincing way. The dialog choices in this game are super.

Now if Edward James Olmos had narrated the Terminator Salvation game would it have sold more copies?

Keep on gaming people!


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