Platformers of old

Today I had a fun conversation at work about the video games we used to play when we were kids. My friend went on about classic Mario and the like, but I never got into mainstream titles like that as a kid. I remember sports games from Epyx such as winter games and summer games, and EA’s Caveman Ugh-lympics.

My biggest time sink as a pre-adult were platformers on the Amiga. James pond and it’s sequel, Robocod, were the types of games that you had to always start from the beginning since you couldn’t save. I would play them for 3 hours to return to the point were I ran out of lives the day before. I remember doing this day after day and gaining a level or two with each play through. Another game the I loved in my knee high to a grasshopper phase of life was McDonald Land.  I don’t know why but it was a blast running around collecting golden arches.

It’s been some time since i’ve played a platformer but I’m thinking about picking up one and reliving the magic.

Keep on jumping people!


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