Mass Effect: Finished

I just finished playing Mass Effect and wanted to break it down for all you folks.

The good news:

The graphics are excellent and it made me glad I took lots of screen shots. The music sets the mood perfectly and everyone should own the soundtrack. The story writer should be given some type of award for not sucking, which tends to happen to often in video games. The pacing of the game made it feel like an episodic mini-series rather than a thirty hour long movie, which is good for those of us who play games in two or three hour chunks. You get to have sex.

The bad news:

The animation at times seemed a little clunky. The side missions we’re not that fun usually and seemed like they were added so Bioware could promise ten extra hours of content. I could only have three people in my party, which I understand is good for gameplay reasons, but it would have been awesome for all my team to kill Saren in the end. I never got a chance to fly the Normandy or have a space battle. And the most tragic thing of all is Mass Effect 2 isn’t out yet.

Keep fighting aliens people!


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