Dragon Age: Classes & Characters

One of the things these guys are focusing on with this game is your characters origin story. (Hence the clever use of the word “origin” in the games title.) The first few hours of gameplay will be unique for each class and race. You will also be able to decide where your from and what type of background you had. You will have a very different experience being raised in poor streets as opposed to living in the courts of some rich city. Sounds great to me! I’m sick of having to play the same thing over again every time I wanna try a different character in an RPG. I’m sure i’m not the only create-one-of-every-class-race-aholics out there.

You’ll get to pick one of the three stereo-typical classes: Mage, rogue, or warrior. Someday the ACLU will do something about these negative stereo types. Each class will then be able to develop into an advanced class. I myself am looking forward to being a mage because of the spell combos this game has graciously included. In one video I saw a mage cast “fat” then “fire-ball” to light the fat on fire. Nice. Veeeeerrrrrrryyy Niiiiccceee!

Keep holding your breath for Dragon Age people!


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