Holy Browser RPG Batman!

I’ve been playing Bioware’s fun new toy. Dragon Age Journeys is a browser-based RPG. But wait! Browser games suck right? Not this one. This game is good.

Now i’m not going to do review and get all in-depth with stuff. That’s not what I do.

What I do is talk about gaming. Not the games really, but the whole ethos of gaming and the people we are because of it.

DAJ is free. That makes me happy. DAJ also charges micro transaction for stuff. That makes me sad, but weighing the fact that it’s mostly free with only a things that cost money i’m more happy then sad.

I hear people talking about the future of micro transactions and where this will bring the gaming industry. The pros include games that are free to start play and we only have to pay for what we want. The con is that we might get nickeled and dimed to death.

Oh well, I just play the free parts.

Keep gaming for free people!


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