Hey Sony! I can has Netflix?!

Folks, soon you will have Netflix streaming on your Playstation 3. Great news huh? I thought so. What else can I say about it? I could say that it’s awesome, but that would make me sound like a dork.

Well now that the Public Service Announcement is out of the way let’s just look at streaming video as a whole. I am part of a small, but rising number of people who don’t have cable. I have Netflix and Hulu. I can watch every show that I desire. I keep up on Fringe, Lost, House, The Office, and the new Stargate. I am able to go back and watch older shows such as the Original Stargate or Monty Python’s Flying Circus. I can watch whatever I want, when I want, and have shorter commercial breaks, or no commercials at all. Top that off with my movies being mailed to me on a regular basis and I have a great (cheap) system going.

Keep streaming video people!



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