Dragon Age: It isn’t Mass Effect

Well it’s out. It’s here. People have been playing it. I’ve been playing it. I have been playing it a lot. Ok I’m addicted and It’s all i’m going to play until January.

All I’ve seen for this game is positive reviews. The worst review I’ve seen for the game was an 80, and it seemed to come from someone who didn’t really like roleplaying games. They were expecting game mechanics similar to Mass Effect.

Dragon Age: Origins

Mass Effect isn’t a true, die-hard RPG. It is an action game with elements of a shooter and an RPG in it. Don’t take it the wrong way I love Mass Effect, it just wasn’t the 60 hour-long, incredibly detailed and customisable experience that I want from an RPG. Mass Effect was a “My first RPG’ experience. “Hey look! I can be either good or bad! Wow!” It took the core elements of an RPG and dressed it up like a shooter. Dragon Age is a different beast. It is an old school RPG to the core with modern sounds, voice, and graphics.

If you’re expecting a hack and slash, 20 hour-long, dragon killing party than this isn’t the game you want. If you want 100 hours of rewarding, strategy based combat and intense dialog than Dragon Age: Origins is the game you want.

Keep gaming people!


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