World of Warcraft has pet store

In case you didn’t know, World of Warcraft is a very popular video game. It has over 11 million subscribers, it absorbs your life force so it can grow bigger, and it wants to rule the world.

WoW has announced recently that it will be adding a Pet Store where you can buy special pets with real world money. These lovable little friends that you buy with money are available no where else in the game. The idea of friends you can only buy with money sounds just like Hollywood.

Players have been able to spend money for things like server transfers, race changes, or even a sex change for their character, but this is the first time that an item in-game can be bought.

Once again Blizzard is feeding their cash cow, and we are all to willing to help them out. We spent 60 bucks for the game, bought 2 expansion packs for it, give them 15 dollars a month, and now we will give them money for a cool little pet. Yes, you know you will. People may rant and rave about it but in the end people will buy them. Why? Because there cute like this:

Pandaren Monk


Keep gaming people!


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