Modern Warfare 2: Is it Worth getting for the PC?

The release of Infinity Ward’s newest game is coming up soon and there have been a few announcements that have rattled PC gamers.

The first of these scary bits of news is that MW2 will not support dedicated servers. This means that you won’t be able to host custom maps or run a server for you and your friends on game nights. This is not a problem if you don’t have friends or don’t like creative user made content.

Speaking of not having friends, you can only play with 17 other people at a time. Matches are limited to 9v9. That’s 9 people on a team. 18 people online at once. Not 24, 32, 64 or even 128, just 18. That sucks. This will not be a problem if you don’t have friends and have no intentions on getting any before your first bingo match at the nursing home.

You will have to connect to some match making service in order to play a game online. That blows in my book.

I have no doubt that the game will have a great single player experience, but it has fallen of my radar completely for multiplayer.

Keep on gaming people!


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