Modern Warfare 2: Being assulted by some gamers

First off let me apologize for not posting anything the past couple of days. I’ve been in bed with the swine flu and watching enough Stargate to the point of expecting Daniel Jackson to invite me out for a cup of coffee in the morning.

I know I’m biased because I don’t give a hoot about consoles, but I’m amused at the low consumer reviews for MW2. Over at metacritic the PC version of the game rates only a 1.4, the ps3 gets a 4.6, and the 360 version wins with a whopping 5.5.(Thats an average of 3.8) People are screaming that this is the same game with a small graphics update.

Over at Amazon the game sports an amazing 1.5 stars for the PC, which is a shower of praise from the PC gamer community for the games groundbreaking multiplayer and overall console port feeling.

I don’t deny that this is a good game for some people, and I’m sure it will be the top selling game of the year. I just think there is a need to buy it if you own COD4. For me all my PC friends I think we’ll stick that.

Keep playing Call of Duty 4 People!



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