Krayonetta, Cramp Hero, and Sales

Bayonetta is stirring up a storm over its sexiness.Kratos is an over the top male stereo type Devil May Cry is over the top with its violence while Bayonetta went for over the top sexy. People are screaming that it’s offensive to women when characters look like this. People seem to forget that men are equally ridiculous in games. Art portrays everything in a way that is better than the real world. Get over it.

I played some DJ Hero at Best Buy. It’s a fun and inventive game. The music is solid and the game mechanics work really well. Once you get past the part where you suck and can’t figure out what the frak is going on you feel like a DJ. After playing for an hour you will have hand cramps and feel like crap but it’s not DJ hero’s fault you can’t take the pain.

The game industry was down 8% in sales compared to last years sales. The good news is that in December sales were up 4%.  December also saw the most PlayStation 3’s sold in a month. Yeah I know, it’s boring number stuff.

Keep on gaming people!


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