Forever fall superbowl

Looking for a free good time? No, I’m not going to give you my phone number.  Visit to play Captain Forever. It’s fun browser-based game where you build a space ship from modules floating around you. Once you build a small at the beginning you venture out to attack other ships. Defeating these ships allows you to take their parts and add them to your own ship. It’s an addictive time waster that I recommend.

The PlayStation 3’s motion controller is being delayed until this fall. Looks like were stuck sitting on the couch to play our games for another 7 months. Bummer. I was looking forward to waving my arms around wildly and dancing about my living room.

51% percent of the people watching the Super Bowl admit to liking the ads better than the game. I don’t even bother to watch the game. I go online the day after and find all the commercials. That’s how I found Hulu back in 2008.

Keep on gaming people!


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