Command & Conquer 4 Beta Part 2

Yesterday I described the basic set-up of the game. Continue reading for part 2. If you want to. You don’t really have to.

Still reading? Ok, I guess I have to finish now.

The game has a rock, paper, scissor set up for units. Clicking on an enemy unit will show the units you should make to counter attack or defend against it. Your army should be a good mix of units prepared to deal with different situations. You will have to make armies to counter what your enemy is doing which is fun since it doesn’t take much time to make a new army. When their base is defended by heavy units you roll out a squad of your anti-heavy units. It’s a lot more fast paced in-game then I make it sound. It’s not chess. It’s gets tense and it’s a lot of fun.

You gain XP for the games you play allowing you to level up and gain access to new units. It makes you want to keep playing.

“I have only 200 XP until my next level so I guess I have time for one more match.”

And that’s how your weekend dies. I recommend keeping this game on your radar.

Keep on gaming people!


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