Mass Effect 2: Part 2

The Mako from the first game was hated by a lot of people. I didn’t hate the Mako, I hated not having anywhere to go with it. The planet missions were dull and there were only a couple points of interest on a large map. It would have been fun to explore more interesting locations with the Mako. The Mako is completely absent from ME2. I’m assuming the majority of people like the omission but I would rather have had the driving missions included and restructured.

A new feature was added to the game called mining. In a high paced action game like this you need a break to move a cursor over a grid. When you find a grid square with useful mineral a graph on the side of the screen gets all excited letting you know it’s time to click the mouse button. Repeat this process for about 3 hours minimum and your in for a good time. (Insert sarcastic smile here)

I dislike the way missions are handled in ME2. In ME1 each mission was longer and more epic in scope. In ME2 the missions are small chunk broken up by an annoying, orange menu screen. It breaks me out of the experience and reminds me that I’m playing a video game. It might be a personal performance so if you like it good for you, It’s not for me.

More tomorrow!

Keep on gaming people!


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