Mass Effect 2: Part 3

I will warn you now not to keep reading if you have not finished Mass Effect 2. I am going to spoil it for all of you.


The ending for ME2 was not that good. I spent 20 hours preparing for mission. I was all pumped when it came time to enter the Omega 4 relay. Once on the other side it was awesome. It had everything I wanted. Getting into the ship was great and all the decisions it forced you to make were really good. I had to stop and ponder about some choices before I continued. Then after all that build up I fight a Terminator that’s 100 feet tall. What? Who’s idea was this? And then it’s over. The final epilogue was good and it regained some of the game’s bravado but not enough to wipe the T-600 from my mind. It could have been so much more. I also wish that the end mission was longer. I played through it in less then an hour. I was hoping that it would at least take me 3 or 4 to play through the end-game.

I may have some criticisms about Mass Effect 2, but it’s still a good game.

I have decided to start using a rating system for my reviews. 0/3 is bad, 1/3 is average, 2/3 is good, 3/3 is awesome.

ME2 gets 2/3.

Keep on gaming people!


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