A couple of things from Valve

Thing one is that there will be a Portal 2 coming out this holiday season. Valve added some new content to the original Portal hinting that this announcement would be coming. There were radios you could carry around to unlock a hidden message. The ending scene of the game was also changed which is a very unique thing for a company to do. Valve isn’t afraid to change an existing product. They have been doing it with TF2 and the Portal changes shouldn’t be that big of a shocker. Hopefully Portal 2 will lead up to Half-Life 2 episode 3 being released. Hey I can dream can’t I?

Thing two is Steam is coming to the Mac. Now you can all 3 Mac games in existence without leaving your home. I kid, they have more than 3 games. Valve will be porting all of their games to the Mac for starters. Maybe this will open up other developers to make games for the Mac. One thing is for sure, we’ll be seeing some awesome Indie titles over the next year.

Keep on gaming people!


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