I was born to have a desk job

I was on vacation over this past week and during that time I stayed at home. I left my house only in search of food and coffee. I played video games, got caught up on some TV and movie watching, and just goofed around.

BUT! I did spend a good chunk of time looking for work. I currently work in retail and I hate it. I am not wired to deal with the general public. Most people are stupid, messy, idiots. So, to help better my cause of not working at a job I hate, I got together a resume of my skills and sent it out to a dozen people.

Putting together a resume is time consuming, and finding people to send it to takes even more time. But doing all that reinforced something that I already knew in the back of my mind: I was born to sit at a desk. I spent 90% of my week sitting in front of my computer, and a fair portion of that time was spent working. I never once grew tired of it. I never thought, “Oh, crap! I hate being stuck here! I want to go out and talk to people!”

My life is now dedicated to finding a good desk job.


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