My thoughts on Star Trek Into Darkness


Finally saw Star Trek: Into Darkness this week. I really enjoyed the movie a lot. It was a fun action movie with well written dialogue and great interaction between the characters.

It felt like Star Trek, and it’s really nice to see them keep the essence of the original series alive. The characters are all true to who they are even though they are played by younger actors with a modern spin on their personalities. Kirk is a shameless asshole running around half-cocked sleeping with anyone willing, but he someone manages to do what he feels is right. Spock is distanced from his emotions and perplexed by human interactions. Bones is constantly questioning everything Kirk is doing and overreacting to what’s happening.

It had a lot of awesome references to the original Wrath of Kahn, and I really enjoyed that. It was connected in a really great way, and the interaction between the characters was filled with emotion because of the existing stories. I don’t think a new comer to the series would get as much out of Spock yelling “KAAAAHHHNNN!” after seeing his friend die, but I think it conveys enough meaning to get people to understand the overall sense of the connection between Kirk and Spock.

Anyway, that’s just my thoughts on it. Now I am looking forward to seeing Man of Steel. Hopefully soon.


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