Max Payne 2 Wallpaper

I was bored watching TV today, so I figures I’d make something out of all the Max Payne 2 screenshots I took.


Playlist: League of Legends and Max Payne 2

This week has not seen a lot of video game time for me. Work is boring and too long, and when I get home I fall asleep.

The time I have had has been spent playing mostly League of Legends with Instant Karma, Del, and Nico. The game is satisfyingly addictive. Last night’s sessions ended with Karma falling asleep and Nico being too drunk to understand anymore. Good times. I’ve been playing with Teemo a lot and I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of the character. Of course, just when I think I’m winning I get my ass handed to me on a silver platter, but I’m improving.

And I’m a third of the way into Max Payne 2, which so far is an enjoyable game. Max Payne is the best thing that Rockstar has published, and I wish GTA was more like it. The levels are well designed, the atmosphere is rich, the story is fun, and the comic style cut scenes are highly original and well voiced. I plan on finishing up tonight.

Keep on gaming people!

Tomb Raider in 3D

So this weekend I finished up Tomb Raider Underworld. It was a fun game. I won’t go into all kinds of crazy details since I have already written up a review for FTG. I’ll post a link once it’s up.

I just wanna say that I played the game in 3D and it added something to the game. I picked up a pair of blue/red glasses at a comic book store and set up my Nvidia drivers on Saturday. It’s really neat and I recommend that people give it a shot. It does flatten out the colours so I won’t play every game with it, but I will be using them a lot. It’s cheaper then getting the fancy setup with the polarized lenses and crap, so for now I’ll stick with cheap.

Keep on gaming people!

Waiting for PC versions of Games Sucks

I hate frakkin’ waiting to get my hands on good video games. It sucks more when console people get to play it months ahead of me.

Red Dead Redemption has had a lot of good press coming out since it’s launch. I really like this game. I got to play it back in March at PAX, before even all the 360 nerds got their greedy little hands on it. At first I thought that I would have it soon enough. I have waited to hear about it coming to the PC, but so far they haven’t even announced it yet. I am fairly certain that it will come to the PC, since Rockstar usually does bring their games over EVENTUALLY. If this one doesn’t come to the PC, I will fight with people.

To make it worse, I just read that Darksiders won’t be coming out on PC until this fall.

And don’t even bloody talk to me about Halo 3…

Keep on gaming people!

And I’m Back!

Ok, so I’ve been lazy when it comes to writing lately. Sue me.

I figured that blogging again would be helpful towards getting my writer’s mojo back on.

Anyone who looks at this site is just here for the wallpapers, but if you are reading this, “Hello!”

This past weekend was spent playing the Sims 3. What a time sink that game is. It’s fun, but it takes forever to play to the point of achieving anything.

I bought Dungeon Keeper 2 and The Settlers 6 this week for $4. I installed them both and played each for about 15 minutes. I like them so far, and I’ll be spending more time with them later. Maybe after I get the Sims out of my system.

Keep on gaming people!