Half-Life 2 in one sitting

Saturday I had the privilege to join 1,800 other people from around the world play in playing video games for 24 hours. We did this to raise over $140,000 to help fight pediatric cancer in an event called Extra Life. It was an amazing experience. I played a smorgasbord of different games including Batman: Arkham Asylum, Left 4 Dead, Company of Heroes, and even some Peggle.

The bulk of my time and the highlight of my gaming marathon was playing Half-Life 2 in one continuous stretch. It took me about 14 hours and I soaked up every minute of it. After that experience I respond to the name Gordon as much as I would to my own name. I fell asleep dreaming about head crabs. Alex is my best friend. I fully understand why this game is so popular. It sucks you in. It is truly a first person experience.

I don’t generally like first person games because I enjoy watching my character in a cinematic way. I mean if you could drop 20 armed guys with a magnum wouldn’t you want to watch yourself do it? Half-Life 2 allows to become Gordon Freeman and makes other FPS titles allow you to be a camera attached to a gun. And that’s all I have to say about that right now.

Keep gaming people!


Long weekend

Most people I know have come down with some type of cold or flu in the past month or so. I decided to take my turn last week and over the weekend. As a result I haven’t had a whole lot of game time. But what I did get in I will share you.

I hit up Direct2drive’s sale and purchased Mount & Blade, Titan Quest, and Company of Heroes. I have only played the first one so far. I have found it to be highly addictive and will get a post up dedicated to it before the week is done.

I’m still plugging through Arkham Asylum and The Secret of Monkey Island. eventually I will get to the end of these 2 fine games.

I pre-ordered Dragon Age:Origins and have arranged to get the day off from work. It’s gonna be a happy day.

Keep gaming people!

Batman Kapow! Asylum

I recently purchased a brand new XFX Nvidia GTX 260 Black Edition graphics card and the good folks over at Nvidia included a free code to download Arkham Asylum off from steam. I usually would have waited to buy a game like this for a couple of months until it came down in price, but since it’s free I looked forward to this one coming out.

Batman Arkham Asylum
Batman Arkham Asylum

Today Batman Arkham Asylum came out for the PC. A couple of hours into it I’m impressed with it’s pretty visuals and great animation. The voice acting includes  a lot of the talent from the Batman animated series which makes it sound perfect. Now that’s all well and good, but do you wanna know what I really like about this game? No, it’s not the detective-I can-see-and-know-everything-god-mode.

It’s the fighting. The combat has an incredible weight behind it so that when you punch people you can almost feel their bones break. It’s well paced and has top notch animations with many different ways you can take out your opponent. Add to the great batman style punches, the enjoyment of sneaking around and dropping down silently from gargoyles to kill from behind and you just made my day.

Now all we need is a mod to make every punch flash “Kapow!” or “Wham!” on the screen while re-skinning batman to look like Adam West.

Holy video games Batman! Keep on gaming people!