Hunting for a good video editing tool

So I’m surfing the intertoobs looking for a good program that will edit my videos for me. Yes I’m lazy. Deal with it.

For all three of you who look at this blog every other month you’ve noticed i’ve started putting up some videos of my screenshots set to music. I’m trying to up the quality to make it something cool. Right now their kinda lame but bare with me people.

This blog needs some content so video is a good start. The next stage in my master plan is some wallpapers. Mwuh hahaha bwah huhahaha! (evil laugh) Soon I will rule the internet!

Seriously I’m trying to make a presence on the web. If I could Get a hundred people to look at this blog by the end of the year I would consider it to be a huge success.

Keep coming to my blog people!


Welcome to the project!

Hello everyone and welcome to my new project. I am Josh Derocher, self-proclaimed Internet guru.

The goal of this blog is to post 7 days a week with one blog post that’s about 180 words long. The content will be centered around gaming mostly but I’ll throw in some other nerd related things that interest me. I am strictly a PC gamer so that will be reflected in what I choose to write about. Currently I’m playing Bioshock and Oblivion, two older games I missed because my laptop at the time couldn’t handle them. I built a new machine last year so now I can keep up on all the great new games coming out.

I am putting this blog up to get into the habit of writing everyday, to refine my style, and to see if I can generate any response from people. There has to be someone in the world who wants to read something like this.

So brace yourselves for the coming excitement. Tell your friends how awesome this is. Spay or neuter you pet.

Keep on gaming people!