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Shamus Young brings up some good points about Borderlands for the PC. I am  reconsidering buying this title.


Aion: The new MMO on the Block

Aion was the number one selling PC title for the month of September, which is amazing since it was release on the 22nd. Read the full scoop over at Gamasutra if you like. I havn’t had the chance to play this game yet but I might give it a try if a demo becomes available. It’s not likely to have a demo anytime soon as it’s sales are so high but i can wait. I like MMOs but they suck up all my game time. I left the succubus of WoW because I hadn’t played a single player game for 2 months.

As a footer I’m just gonna add that I might pick up Borderland at some point. I am really interested in it’s multiplayer Coop. You can jump in and out of any game. Experience is scaled up greatly if you join a friend who is in a later level of the game, and if you complete a quest in a friends game you will also have that reflected in your own game. Four people shooting things is always fun.

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