Santa Claus Will Bring you a PS3 this year!

And you better like it!

The Playstation 3 beat the Xbox 360 in sales for the past month.  Can it be the titan of sales this holiday season? Does it finally have the game library to support it? Does it’s online abilities compete with Xbox Live? Find out after we feen the reindeer!

reindeer_enjoy_their_work_3Ok, now that prancer has had his noms.

Sony’s track record says “Yes, we can rock this around the Christmas tree.”, but latley the Xbox and wii have been taking up the lime light. It isn’t too far fetched to believe that the PS3 could be the top console for at least one Christmas.

With recent console exclusives such as Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Demon’s Souls the PS3 game selection is looking brighter. There isn’t alot of mainstream titles that are not availble for the PS3 these days. It’s taken awhile for it to find it’s feet, but it’s rock solid now.

As far as multiplayer goes, the PS3 has one up on Microsoft. It’s free. Live is not. Enough said. The average consumer is going to want to save $50 bucks a year.  I know I do.

My dollar bets on the PlayStation 3 coming out on top this holiday season.

Keep on gaming people!


Mass Effect 2: January 2010

Mass Effect 2 has been confirmed to be released in January 2010. Boy, I wish Christmas was in March. That way we could all buy this years holiday titles before the holiday actually happens.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the delay. I would much rather have these games polished and on sale when their good and ready to be. I just find it humorous that we’re getting this smack of games that we’re originally planned for the 2009 holiday season in early 2010. Games delayed into early 2010 include Splinter Cell: Conviction, Red Steel 2, Ghost Recon, Bioshock 2, Bayonetta, and Assassin’s Creed 2 is being delayed for the PC only.

The whole concept of the holiday release cycle just isn’t applicable anymore for video games. Movies for the most part ignore any particular day for release and they do just fine. The video game industry has matured to the point were we need to get past the Toys-R-Us style Christmas extravaganza.

Hopefully I get some gift cards to Best Buy for Christmas.

Keep on gaming people!