Dragon Age: More Content

I love Dragon Age: Origins. As soon as I’m finished with Mass Effect 2 I’m diving back in to finish my second play through.

I am excited with all the new content released or announced for Dragon Age lately.

The Return to Ostagar DLC was released about a week ago. It came suddenly after some delays. I am trying my best to finish ME2 before running off to play this. Going back to look for King Cailan’s body can wait. I was a dick to him anyway. A full retail expansion pack titled “Awakening” will be released on March 16th. The darkspawn aren’t all dead after all. Some survived because they follow a leader other than the Archdemon. This new baddy is known as the Architect. That’s ok, I like killing darkspawn. There is a video to watch over here.

We know that a sequel is coming due to information about EA’s 2011 fiscal year. Also a Bioware person said that Dragon Age 2 will have improved graphics over the first game. Before March 2011 we should get our hands on it. I’ll bet EA will make an official announcement sometime soon.

Keep on gaming people!


Uncharted 2 Extras

If you’re a fan of Sony’s new hit game, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, you might be interested in checking out the motion comic that’s been released for it on the PlayStation Network. It’s set before the first Uncharted game and sets up the character of Nathan Drake. It sounds a great idea to help market the game and it gives the current fans some more content. The first episode is free, but you’d have to pay for them after that.

Now i’m no marketing guru, but it would be to Sony’s advantage to make this available on other avenues before to long. They could make the motion comic available on iTunes or even on Sony’s website. It could help increase awareness of the Uncharted brand and increase console sales. With it only available on the PSN their preaching to the choir.

DLC will be coming to Uncharted 2 before the end of the year. Naughty Dog has also said that some of the DLC will be free. Their resources right now are completely dedicated to making more content for Uncharted 2. That’s great news for all the fans of the game.

It’s a great time to get a PS3. I don’t own one, and I probably won’t get one, but you should go buy one.

Keep on gaming people!

2 new Dragon Age Trailers

Just a couple of things I want to say real quick about this.

Thing one: I find it odd to advertise DLC before the game even launches, although I guess it’s good to know it’s there before you buy it.

Thing two: I think the DLC that comes with the game is an odd way to deter pirates and second hand sales. I think it might work better than some methods, but I still find it odd.

Keep downloading content people!