Dragon Age: More Content

I love Dragon Age: Origins. As soon as I’m finished with Mass Effect 2 I’m diving back in to finish my second play through.

I am excited with all the new content released or announced for Dragon Age lately.

The Return to Ostagar DLC was released about a week ago. It came suddenly after some delays. I am trying my best to finish ME2 before running off to play this. Going back to look for King Cailan’s body can wait. I was a dick to him anyway. A full retail expansion pack titled “Awakening” will be released on March 16th. The darkspawn aren’t all dead after all. Some survived because they follow a leader other than the Archdemon. This new baddy is known as the Architect. That’s ok, I like killing darkspawn. There is a video to watch over here.

We know that a sequel is coming due to information about EA’s 2011 fiscal year. Also a Bioware person said that Dragon Age 2 will have improved graphics over the first game. Before March 2011 we should get our hands on it. I’ll bet EA will make an official announcement sometime soon.

Keep on gaming people!


Rapid Fire: Dragon Age Expansion, Half Life 2, and Spider Man 4

Dragon Age: Origins will be getting an expansion in March. It pleases me to hear this even though I think it’s a little soon. I am on my second play through of the game and I don’t feel any where near being done with all the content available. This expansion is akin to offering me desert while I’m sleeping on the couch after eating 3 plates of turkey on thanksgiving. It looks good, and I will eat it, but I wouldn’t mind some time to digest.

I finished playing Half-Life 2: Episode 2 the other day. I’m slowly making progress on my pile of shame. The last level was brilliant. It was short and you didn’t expect it to end. I was ready to jump on that helicopter and do some butt-kicking.  The ending scene where Alyx’s dad dies is one of the most heart wrenching scenes in a game. It would make me cry if I wasn’t a callused jerk.

Spider man 4 got canned because Sam Raimi didn’t feel he could hit the dead line Sony Pictures wanted and still make a good movie. Sony wants to reboot the franchise in 2012 with a new set of actors.

Keep on gaming people!