Mass Effect 2: Part 3

I will warn you now not to keep reading if you have not finished Mass Effect 2. I am going to spoil it for all of you.


The ending for ME2 was not that good. I spent 20 hours preparing for mission. I was all pumped when it came time to enter the Omega 4 relay. Once on the other side it was awesome. It had everything I wanted. Getting into the ship was great and all the decisions it forced you to make were really good. I had to stop and ponder about some choices before I continued. Then after all that build up I fight a Terminator that’s 100 feet tall. What? Who’s idea was this? And then it’s over. The final epilogue was good and it regained some of the game’s bravado but not enough to wipe the T-600 from my mind. It could have been so much more. I also wish that the end mission was longer. I played through it in less then an hour. I was hoping that it would at least take me 3 or 4 to play through the end-game.

I may have some criticisms about Mass Effect 2, but it’s still a good game.

I have decided to start using a rating system for my reviews. 0/3 is bad, 1/3 is average, 2/3 is good, 3/3 is awesome.

ME2 gets 2/3.

Keep on gaming people!


Mass Effect 2: Part 2

The Mako from the first game was hated by a lot of people. I didn’t hate the Mako, I hated not having anywhere to go with it. The planet missions were dull and there were only a couple points of interest on a large map. It would have been fun to explore more interesting locations with the Mako. The Mako is completely absent from ME2. I’m assuming the majority of people like the omission but I would rather have had the driving missions included and restructured.

A new feature was added to the game called mining. In a high paced action game like this you need a break to move a cursor over a grid. When you find a grid square with useful mineral a graph on the side of the screen gets all excited letting you know it’s time to click the mouse button. Repeat this process for about 3 hours minimum and your in for a good time. (Insert sarcastic smile here)

I dislike the way missions are handled in ME2. In ME1 each mission was longer and more epic in scope. In ME2 the missions are small chunk broken up by an annoying, orange menu screen. It breaks me out of the experience and reminds me that I’m playing a video game. It might be a personal performance so if you like it good for you, It’s not for me.

More tomorrow!

Keep on gaming people!

Mass Effect 2: Part 1

The tide of news has passed over Mass Effect 2. I’ve had a chance to play the game fully and I want to toss out my opinion before watching the buzz head out to sea for good.

Mass Effect 2 is fatter and slimmer than its predecessor. Wait, what? You heard me. It’s better and worse at the same time.

The story is well told, with a good beginning and middle section. I was a little disappointed with the ending. Characters were well-developed and were believable. The loyalty quests are a nice addition to the game. The first game felt more epic, but ME2 was still a really good tale.

The combat felt more like an FPS and uses a ridiculous cover system. Everywhere you fight there are boxes conveniently scattered around making it feel like a game and less like a world that could actually exist. It pulls me out of the experience every time. I like the precision of ME2, but I prefer the overall feeling of the combat in ME2.

I’ll continue my review tomorrow.

Keep on gaming people!

Mass Effect 2: January 2010

Mass Effect 2 has been confirmed to be released in January 2010. Boy, I wish Christmas was in March. That way we could all buy this years holiday titles before the holiday actually happens.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the delay. I would much rather have these games polished and on sale when their good and ready to be. I just find it humorous that we’re getting this smack of games that we’re originally planned for the 2009 holiday season in early 2010. Games delayed into early 2010 include Splinter Cell: Conviction, Red Steel 2, Ghost Recon, Bioshock 2, Bayonetta, and Assassin’s Creed 2 is being delayed for the PC only.

The whole concept of the holiday release cycle just isn’t applicable anymore for video games. Movies for the most part ignore any particular day for release and they do just fine. The video game industry has matured to the point were we need to get past the Toys-R-Us style Christmas extravaganza.

Hopefully I get some gift cards to Best Buy for Christmas.

Keep on gaming people!

Mass Effect: Finished

I just finished playing Mass Effect and wanted to break it down for all you folks.

The good news:

The graphics are excellent and it made me glad I took lots of screen shots. The music sets the mood perfectly and everyone should own the soundtrack. The story writer should be given some type of award for not sucking, which tends to happen to often in video games. The pacing of the game made it feel like an episodic mini-series rather than a thirty hour long movie, which is good for those of us who play games in two or three hour chunks. You get to have sex.

The bad news:

The animation at times seemed a little clunky. The side missions we’re not that fun usually and seemed like they were added so Bioware could promise ten extra hours of content. I could only have three people in my party, which I understand is good for gameplay reasons, but it would have been awesome for all my team to kill Saren in the end. I never got a chance to fly the Normandy or have a space battle. And the most tragic thing of all is Mass Effect 2 isn’t out yet.

Keep fighting aliens people!