What’s Hot this week?! Assassin’s Creed II

Console gamers rejoice! Assassin’s Creed II is available for your sneaky, backstabbing pleasure. I have heard a lot of good things about this game and I’m looking forward to playing it.

When it launches for PC next year of course.

Is it acceptable for game companies to hold off releasing a game for a certain platform? Sometimes development can take longer for it to be optimized for PC. The controls need to be reworked, menus redesigned for mouse and keyboard use, and sometimes if we’re lucky the graphics will get a boost (GTA4 and Mass Effect). The last thing we want is a game on the PC that feels like it was made for consoles. Lost Planet is a hopeless example of this. I own the game and wanted to like it, but every time it asks me to hit the x button my insides cringe. It may take longer to get a version of the game ready, but release should be held back until all versions are ready.

The console version of Assassin’s Creed II was probably launched to get some holiday sales. Ubisoft was having some financial problems last I heard and a boost in sales will help the end of year reports look better.

Wait until next year to game people!


Dragon Age: It isn’t Mass Effect

Well it’s out. It’s here. People have been playing it. I’ve been playing it. I have been playing it a lot. Ok I’m addicted and It’s all i’m going to play until January.

All I’ve seen for this game is positive reviews. The worst review I’ve seen for the game was an 80, and it seemed to come from someone who didn’t really like roleplaying games. They were expecting game mechanics similar to Mass Effect.

Dragon Age: Origins

Mass Effect isn’t a true, die-hard RPG. It is an action game with elements of a shooter and an RPG in it. Don’t take it the wrong way I love Mass Effect, it just wasn’t the 60 hour-long, incredibly detailed and customisable experience that I want from an RPG. Mass Effect was a “My first RPG’ experience. “Hey look! I can be either good or bad! Wow!” It took the core elements of an RPG and dressed it up like a shooter. Dragon Age is a different beast. It is an old school RPG to the core with modern sounds, voice, and graphics.

If you’re expecting a hack and slash, 20 hour-long, dragon killing party than this isn’t the game you want. If you want 100 hours of rewarding, strategy based combat and intense dialog than Dragon Age: Origins is the game you want.

Keep gaming people!

The Witcher: The game that keeps growing

Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

The Witcher has sold over 1.2 million copies as a PC only game, which isn’t the best I know, but it’s not bad either. It’s one of the best games out there that has been severely overlooked. If any of you people out there are RPG fans you owe it to yourself to go pick this one up. It’s only 20 bucks on steam right now.

Some game footage has been leaked for the game’s sequel Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Witcher 2 has a chance to be like Half-Life 2. Half-life was a good game. Half-Life 2 was an awesome, genre changing game. The Witcher was a good game. Can it’s sequel be ground breaking?

The current generation of RPGs was birthed with Morrowind, Dungeon Siege, and Knights of the Old Republic, among other titles and perfected in Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Mass Effect. I think it’s time for some fresh ideas on the genre.

Witcher 2 has some interesting concepts from what we’ve seen of it so far. Dynamic NPCs that have things to do, innovative combat with finishing moves, a high end graphics engine, and a unique dark world for the story to develop in. None of this means “earth-shattering”, but it’s a good step towards something great.

Keep on gaming people!

Dragon Age: WTF?

I am a nerd.

I like video games.

I like roleplaying games.

I want Dragon Age now!

But wait! What is it?!

Look no further for info on Dragon Age: Origins. I am about to unleash a whirlwind of information that will satisfy your need to know.  DA was first Announced at E3 2004, so it’s been awhile. Sometimes we hear so much about a game that we forget it’s actually a game and not an ongoing news story.

Dragon Age: Origins is an RPG currently in development by the guys over at BioWare, the makers of such great games as Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Mass Effect, and Jade Empire. The big cheese (sometimes called a CEO) over at BioWare, Ray Muzyka, has said that DA will be the spiritual successor to the Baldur’s Gate Series. Which means that it’s not a direct sequel to the game but it will carry on the games feel and spirit.

DA is being released on November 3 for PC and Xbox 360. A release date for the PS3 is set for November 17.

I can’t wait.

Keep reading people!

Mass Effect: Finished

I just finished playing Mass Effect and wanted to break it down for all you folks.

The good news:

The graphics are excellent and it made me glad I took lots of screen shots. The music sets the mood perfectly and everyone should own the soundtrack. The story writer should be given some type of award for not sucking, which tends to happen to often in video games. The pacing of the game made it feel like an episodic mini-series rather than a thirty hour long movie, which is good for those of us who play games in two or three hour chunks. You get to have sex.

The bad news:

The animation at times seemed a little clunky. The side missions we’re not that fun usually and seemed like they were added so Bioware could promise ten extra hours of content. I could only have three people in my party, which I understand is good for gameplay reasons, but it would have been awesome for all my team to kill Saren in the end. I never got a chance to fly the Normandy or have a space battle. And the most tragic thing of all is Mass Effect 2 isn’t out yet.

Keep fighting aliens people!

Voice Effect

Ok first off let me say i’m sorry for how long it’s been since my last post. I’m still trying my hardest to get into this seriously.

As of my last update I was playing KOTOR and loving the dialog of the game.  Good conversation means so much to a game. You can have the perfect game in all aspects but if you get some half-baked voice acting and poor writing your game will suck. Deus Ex, which I actually enjoyed playing, had some bad voice acting:

As a quick side note i’ll add the i’ve continued to play the newest Prince of Persia game, despite it’s lame gameplay, because of the good dialog and voice acting.

Now i’m playing Mass Effect and the voices are stellar. A solid line of dialog delivered by a good actor pulls you into a game like nothing else. To make things better once you’ve heard a character tell you something in a convincing way you can respond in an equally convincing way. The dialog choices in this game are super.

Now if Edward James Olmos had narrated the Terminator Salvation game would it have sold more copies?

Keep on gaming people!