Max Payne 2 Wallpaper

I was bored watching TV today, so I figures I’d make something out of all the Max Payne 2 screenshots I took.


Playlist: League of Legends and Max Payne 2

This week has not seen a lot of video game time for me. Work is boring and too long, and when I get home I fall asleep.

The time I have had has been spent playing mostly League of Legends with Instant Karma, Del, and Nico. The game is satisfyingly addictive. Last night’s sessions ended with Karma falling asleep and Nico being too drunk to understand anymore. Good times. I’ve been playing with Teemo a lot and I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of the character. Of course, just when I think I’m winning I get my ass handed to me on a silver platter, but I’m improving.

And I’m a third of the way into Max Payne 2, which so far is an enjoyable game. Max Payne is the best thing that Rockstar has published, and I wish GTA was more like it. The levels are well designed, the atmosphere is rich, the story is fun, and the comic style cut scenes are highly original and well voiced. I plan on finishing up tonight.

Keep on gaming people!