Modern Warfare 2: Is it Worth getting for the PC?

The release of Infinity Ward’s newest game is coming up soon and there have been a few announcements that have rattled PC gamers.

The first of these scary bits of news is that MW2 will not support dedicated servers. This means that you won’t be able to host custom maps or run a server for you and your friends on game nights. This is not a problem if you don’t have friends or don’t like creative user made content.

Speaking of not having friends, you can only play with 17 other people at a time. Matches are limited to 9v9. That’s 9 people on a team. 18 people online at once. Not 24, 32, 64 or even 128, just 18. That sucks. This will not be a problem if you don’t have friends and have no intentions on getting any before your first bingo match at the nursing home.

You will have to connect to some match making service in order to play a game online. That blows in my book.

I have no doubt that the game will have a great single player experience, but it has fallen of my radar completely for multiplayer.

Keep on gaming people!


Santa Claus Will Bring you a PS3 this year!

And you better like it!

The Playstation 3 beat the Xbox 360 in sales for the past month.  Can it be the titan of sales this holiday season? Does it finally have the game library to support it? Does it’s online abilities compete with Xbox Live? Find out after we feen the reindeer!

reindeer_enjoy_their_work_3Ok, now that prancer has had his noms.

Sony’s track record says “Yes, we can rock this around the Christmas tree.”, but latley the Xbox and wii have been taking up the lime light. It isn’t too far fetched to believe that the PS3 could be the top console for at least one Christmas.

With recent console exclusives such as Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Demon’s Souls the PS3 game selection is looking brighter. There isn’t alot of mainstream titles that are not availble for the PS3 these days. It’s taken awhile for it to find it’s feet, but it’s rock solid now.

As far as multiplayer goes, the PS3 has one up on Microsoft. It’s free. Live is not. Enough said. The average consumer is going to want to save $50 bucks a year.  I know I do.

My dollar bets on the PlayStation 3 coming out on top this holiday season.

Keep on gaming people!

Aion: The new MMO on the Block

Aion was the number one selling PC title for the month of September, which is amazing since it was release on the 22nd. Read the full scoop over at Gamasutra if you like. I havn’t had the chance to play this game yet but I might give it a try if a demo becomes available. It’s not likely to have a demo anytime soon as it’s sales are so high but i can wait. I like MMOs but they suck up all my game time. I left the succubus of WoW because I hadn’t played a single player game for 2 months.

As a footer I’m just gonna add that I might pick up Borderland at some point. I am really interested in it’s multiplayer Coop. You can jump in and out of any game. Experience is scaled up greatly if you join a friend who is in a later level of the game, and if you complete a quest in a friends game you will also have that reflected in your own game. Four people shooting things is always fun.

Keep Gaming people!

LAN party of 2

This afternoon my brother came over with his laptop to play some games. Normally we play RTS games like Age of Empire 2 or Settlers, but today we had limited time so we sought out some fast 2 player fun. Here is the rundown of what we learned:

Call of Juarez has a free multi-player demo. It installs fast and it’s fun to run around and shoot each other in the face.

Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory needs more than 2 people to be fun since it’s missions are focused around team play. Unless all you want to do is shoot each other in the face, then it’s fun.

We need to get worms… so we can shoot each other in the face.

We also need to find a good racing game and some sport games. Hey everyone needs to take a break from face shooting once in a while.

Keep on… shooting people in the face?