Mass Effect 2: Part 1

The tide of news has passed over Mass Effect 2. I’ve had a chance to play the game fully and I want to toss out my opinion before watching the buzz head out to sea for good.

Mass Effect 2 is fatter and slimmer than its predecessor. Wait, what? You heard me. It’s better and worse at the same time.

The story is well told, with a good beginning and middle section. I was a little disappointed with the ending. Characters were well-developed and were believable. The loyalty quests are a nice addition to the game. The first game felt more epic, but ME2 was still a really good tale.

The combat felt more like an FPS and uses a ridiculous cover system. Everywhere you fight there are boxes conveniently scattered around making it feel like a game and less like a world that could actually exist. It pulls me out of the experience every time. I like the precision of ME2, but I prefer the overall feeling of the combat in ME2.

I’ll continue my review tomorrow.

Keep on gaming people!


Dragon Age: Release is Near

Tonight is the last night the video game world will be without Dragon Age: Origins. Either this game will rattle the walls for RPG gamers, or it will go unnoticed and underappreciated. I hope that the game lives up to the hype and serves us all a plate of awesome.

Here’s what people are saying so far about the game:

PC Gamer UK = 94

This is the most enormously detailed game world I’ve experienced, its history stretching back thousands of years, its cultures vivid, beautiful and flawed, the battles enormous, the humour superb. Roleplaying games now have a great deal to live up to. [Dec 2009, p.74]

IGN UK = 9.2

Simply expect one of the best RPGs you have yet played.

Game Informer = 9/10

The number of titles that can foster this level of dedication and obsession are few, and Dragon Age: Origins is among the best of them.

Meristation = 9.5

Overall, it’s a really special RPG, which truly deserves to be called “epic”.

Keep on gaming people!