Risen: Overlooked?


I picked up the game Risen to continue my RPG fetish. It’s a solid RPG with some flaws that are easy to overlook. The graphics are great except for some crappy character models and some clipping issues. The animation feels a little dated but it works. The combat system is similar to Oblivion yet it feels more polished.

What makes it unique is the side quests. They don’t feel tacked on. In other RPGs like Mass Effect the extra quests have the vibe that they were an after thought. Risen makes the side quests a part of the world around you. Side quests change the way NPCs feel about you so they have an impact on the main quest. The things people ask you to do are genuine problems they have and are willing to pay you to remedy. You do it for the money. You aren’t interested in helping everyone in town find their cat.

It’s still too early for me to give an overall verdict on Risen, but so far it hasn’t disappointed me. It has a solid beginning, great character development, and a fun combat system. Keep this one on your radar.

Keep on gaming people!


I’m back!

Hey all! Just Letting you know things are about to get rolling again. I have gained a decent level of response and hits on the site and I learned a lot about doing this type of work.

Since my last update I have gamed avidly (of course). I finished Dragon Age, and I’ve played Braid, Dawn of Discovery, Risen, Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and various other titles. I bought a wii for my own Christmas gift and have played small doses of the new Super Mario Brothers.

I will leave you fine folks with a list about 2009 just because I’m different from everyone else.

The best things of 2009 we’re:

The series finale of Battlestar Galactica

Dragon Age: Origins



Playing Half-Life 2 in one sitting

Playing Resident Evil 5 in one sitting

Reading the Vampire Lestat

The worst things in 2009 we’re:

Seeing the first 40 minutes of Interview With a Vampire

Assassin’s Creed 2 being delayed for PC

New Moon making too much money

Happy new year people!