Arcania: Gothic 4 Demo

This game has been through more name changes than Prince. When first announced, it was called Gothic 4: Genesis, and through its development cycle, it has been called Gothic 4: Arcania, Arcania: A Gothic Tale, and finally they settled on Arcania: Gothic 4. Whatever the game may be called, I am happy to inform you, my beloved reader, that the demo for this game is out now.

Read my impressions on FTG.


Dragon Age: More Content

I love Dragon Age: Origins. As soon as I’m finished with Mass Effect 2 I’m diving back in to finish my second play through.

I am excited with all the new content released or announced for Dragon Age lately.

The Return to Ostagar DLC was released about a week ago. It came suddenly after some delays. I am trying my best to finish ME2 before running off to play this. Going back to look for King Cailan’s body can wait. I was a dick to him anyway. A full retail expansion pack titled “Awakening” will be released on March 16th. The darkspawn aren’t all dead after all. Some survived because they follow a leader other than the Archdemon. This new baddy is known as the Architect. That’s ok, I like killing darkspawn. There is a video to watch over here.

We know that a sequel is coming due to information about EA’s 2011 fiscal year. Also a Bioware person said that Dragon Age 2 will have improved graphics over the first game. Before March 2011 we should get our hands on it. I’ll bet EA will make an official announcement sometime soon.

Keep on gaming people!

Risen: Overlooked?


I picked up the game Risen to continue my RPG fetish. It’s a solid RPG with some flaws that are easy to overlook. The graphics are great except for some crappy character models and some clipping issues. The animation feels a little dated but it works. The combat system is similar to Oblivion yet it feels more polished.

What makes it unique is the side quests. They don’t feel tacked on. In other RPGs like Mass Effect the extra quests have the vibe that they were an after thought. Risen makes the side quests a part of the world around you. Side quests change the way NPCs feel about you so they have an impact on the main quest. The things people ask you to do are genuine problems they have and are willing to pay you to remedy. You do it for the money. You aren’t interested in helping everyone in town find their cat.

It’s still too early for me to give an overall verdict on Risen, but so far it hasn’t disappointed me. It has a solid beginning, great character development, and a fun combat system. Keep this one on your radar.

Keep on gaming people!

Dragon Age > Modern Warfare 2

I didn’t think this would happen actually. I thought I was in a minority of gamers that would rather play an RPG then “the most anticipated game of the year”. Apparently PC gamers are all like me, which is a rather scary thought since world domination is on my list of life goals.

Dragon Age: Origins beat out Modern Warfare 2 in sales this week for the PC.  MW2 was of course the top-selling game for consoles, but DAO was number 2 for the 360, and it came in third on PS3. Now this means one of two things. Either all the bad changes to MW2 caused it to lose a significant amount of sales, or DAO is an awesome enough game to beat out MW2 no matter what. I think it’s a combination of the 2 myself.

Dragon age is truly a great game and it’s sales are showing it. I think it will take awhile for it to gain momentum and popularity since it’s new IP. I see this one staying strong with sales for bit.

Infinity Ward really frakked up this one for PC gamers. I’m actually surprised that it’s came in second and not worse. I’m sure they expected higher sales and are scratching their heads in bewilderment. Hopefully they might fix some of these issues to try and regain some lost sales. I’ll buy it if they make the multiplayer suited to the PC.

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Dragon Age: It isn’t Mass Effect

Well it’s out. It’s here. People have been playing it. I’ve been playing it. I have been playing it a lot. Ok I’m addicted and It’s all i’m going to play until January.

All I’ve seen for this game is positive reviews. The worst review I’ve seen for the game was an 80, and it seemed to come from someone who didn’t really like roleplaying games. They were expecting game mechanics similar to Mass Effect.

Dragon Age: Origins

Mass Effect isn’t a true, die-hard RPG. It is an action game with elements of a shooter and an RPG in it. Don’t take it the wrong way I love Mass Effect, it just wasn’t the 60 hour-long, incredibly detailed and customisable experience that I want from an RPG. Mass Effect was a “My first RPG’ experience. “Hey look! I can be either good or bad! Wow!” It took the core elements of an RPG and dressed it up like a shooter. Dragon Age is a different beast. It is an old school RPG to the core with modern sounds, voice, and graphics.

If you’re expecting a hack and slash, 20 hour-long, dragon killing party than this isn’t the game you want. If you want 100 hours of rewarding, strategy based combat and intense dialog than Dragon Age: Origins is the game you want.

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Dragon Age: Release is Near

Tonight is the last night the video game world will be without Dragon Age: Origins. Either this game will rattle the walls for RPG gamers, or it will go unnoticed and underappreciated. I hope that the game lives up to the hype and serves us all a plate of awesome.

Here’s what people are saying so far about the game:

PC Gamer UK = 94

This is the most enormously detailed game world I’ve experienced, its history stretching back thousands of years, its cultures vivid, beautiful and flawed, the battles enormous, the humour superb. Roleplaying games now have a great deal to live up to. [Dec 2009, p.74]

IGN UK = 9.2

Simply expect one of the best RPGs you have yet played.

Game Informer = 9/10

The number of titles that can foster this level of dedication and obsession are few, and Dragon Age: Origins is among the best of them.

Meristation = 9.5

Overall, it’s a really special RPG, which truly deserves to be called “epic”.

Keep on gaming people!


Holy Browser RPG Batman!

I’ve been playing Bioware’s fun new toy. Dragon Age Journeys is a browser-based RPG. But wait! Browser games suck right? Not this one. This game is good.

Now i’m not going to do review and get all in-depth with stuff. That’s not what I do.

What I do is talk about gaming. Not the games really, but the whole ethos of gaming and the people we are because of it.

DAJ is free. That makes me happy. DAJ also charges micro transaction for stuff. That makes me sad, but weighing the fact that it’s mostly free with only a things that cost money i’m more happy then sad.

I hear people talking about the future of micro transactions and where this will bring the gaming industry. The pros include games that are free to start play and we only have to pay for what we want. The con is that we might get nickeled and dimed to death.

Oh well, I just play the free parts.

Keep gaming for free people!