Monkey Island Special!

I remember way back playing the original Monkey Island at my uncle’s house on an Amiga 500. It was fun to figure out the puzzles and read all the goofy dialog in different voices.

Then lo and behold, the telltale crew announces that their making a remake of the game. It holds true to the original to the extent that you can swap between the two versions with a key press.

I have had the chance to play it and enjoyed it tremendously. It was just plain old fun. The graphics were nice, new and shiny, but they still held the feeling of the original game. The hint system is a nice feature as sometimes you just want to get to the next part of the game.

It took me a few evenings to play through so it’s a nice buy for ten bucks. Go and get it. Do it now.

Keep on gaming people!


Long weekend

Most people I know have come down with some type of cold or flu in the past month or so. I decided to take my turn last week and over the weekend. As a result I haven’t had a whole lot of game time. But what I did get in I will share you.

I hit up Direct2drive’s sale and purchased Mount & Blade, Titan Quest, and Company of Heroes. I have only played the first one so far. I have found it to be highly addictive and will get a post up dedicated to it before the week is done.

I’m still plugging through Arkham Asylum and The Secret of Monkey Island. eventually I will get to the end of these 2 fine games.

I pre-ordered Dragon Age:Origins and have arranged to get the day off from work. It’s gonna be a happy day.

Keep gaming people!