Will the Sims ever go away?

I noticed that the Sims 3 is still among the top 5 best-selling PC games this week. It is always in the top 5. Every week. Why?

Admit it. You own the game. I do. I’ve wasted an entire weekend with it. It’s addictive and fun. I make a mini-me, get rich, and get lots of babes. Then I make a loser who dies alone. Sometimes I make a household full of conflicting personalities and watch the drama. There are plenty of reasons to keep playing the game once you own it.

But why do new people keep buying the game? Simple:

It’s a familiar franchise. People know its been around for a while and they know it’s popular.

The setting is easy to relate to. A lot of people see a game where you shoot aliens and find it weird. A game where you build a happy family and struggle to pay bills seems more fun to them.

EA has mind control. They want you to buy the game.

If you don’t own it already you soon will. You have no choice.

Keep on gaming people!


Blue Movie, Respawn, SimWOW, and PvPvE

Avatar is the second top grossing movie of all time. James Cameron is very pleased with himself to have directed the two money-making giants in the movie industry. I am really hoping to see this movie (or any movie) beat out Titanic for the number one spot. Please go to the movies now and watch Avatar twice.

Hellgate London will be returning to world this year. Hanbitsoft has acquired the license for the game and will be re-releasing it in the east and later in north America. I might actually try the game this time around if they can prove that it will last longer then a month.

Sims 3 beat out World of Warcraft for PC game sales in 2009. The fun part about this is that WoW is still one of the top-selling games 5 years after launch and they charge you 15 bucks a month to play.  Blizzard wins in the long run. Sorry EA.

I’m looking into buying Aion for some MMO fun. I learned that the game has no end game raiding. Instead there is a player vs player vs environment zone for end game content. I’m curious to see how that plays out. Do players use other players to kill plants?

Keep gaming people!