Post for February 7, 2010

Right off the bat I need to command everyone to go play Tetris.

I don’t use cable TV. I get all my television and movie needs from Netflix and Hulu. Netflix has seen an increase in users since making their service available on consoles. Netflix doing well is good news for us because that means they will be around longer and might offer better pricing deals in the future. On the other hand a rumor is going around that Hulu will begin charging for their service. That’s bad news for us since we like free things.

Crysis 2 will be set in New York City. I still have not finished the first game but I have had fun with the multiplayer. Crysis 2 is making claims that it will be the best looking console game this generation. With the looks and performance of Crysis 1 I fully believe them.

Prince of Persia has a new game coming out. It continues the new PoP while it seems it will borrow some story from the original PoP. The title is Forgotten Sands, which is awful similar to Sands of Time. Go play the original trilogy and ignore the new ones. The new one is just too easy and boring (even though I love the dialog and voice actors).

Keep on gaming people!


You can help make Grim Dawn

Crate Entertainment, formed by some of the creators of Titan Quest, has announced their new project. Grim Dawn is a fantasy RPG which will hopefully be an action RPG like Titan Quest. These guys did a great job with that game so more of the same is a good thing. Grim Dawn is turning the fans for funding to develop the game. Gabe Newell tossed out this idea for a different model of game funding. Rather than looking for a publisher to give you money, just ask the fans. By pre-purchashing the game years in advance you help the studio make the game. It’s a risky move for the consumer since there is no guarantee on when (or if) the game will come out. It will pay off in the end when you have the game in your hand and you have the satisfaction of knowing you helped make it happen.

Tetris, the block dropping puzzle game, is the most popular mobile game of all time. It recently passed 100 million downloads. That’s a lot of blocks.

On a similar note of units sold, New Super Mario Bros Wii has sold over 10 million units since its recent launch. This makes it the fastest selling game ever. 90 more million to go and your almost as cool as Tetris.

Keep on gaming people!