You can help make Grim Dawn

Crate Entertainment, formed by some of the creators of Titan Quest, has announced their new project. Grim Dawn is a fantasy RPG which will hopefully be an action RPG like Titan Quest. These guys did a great job with that game so more of the same is a good thing. Grim Dawn is turning the fans for funding to develop the game. Gabe Newell tossed out this idea for a different model of game funding. Rather than looking for a publisher to give you money, just ask the fans. By pre-purchashing the game years in advance you help the studio make the game. It’s a risky move for the consumer since there is no guarantee on when (or if) the game will come out. It will pay off in the end when you have the game in your hand and you have the satisfaction of knowing you helped make it happen.

Tetris, the block dropping puzzle game, is the most popular mobile game of all time. It recently passed 100 million downloads. That’s a lot of blocks.

On a similar note of units sold, New Super Mario Bros Wii has sold over 10 million units since its recent launch. This makes it the fastest selling game ever. 90 more million to go and your almost as cool as Tetris.

Keep on gaming people!


Long weekend

Most people I know have come down with some type of cold or flu in the past month or so. I decided to take my turn last week and over the weekend. As a result I haven’t had a whole lot of game time. But what I did get in I will share you.

I hit up Direct2drive’s sale and purchased Mount & Blade, Titan Quest, and Company of Heroes. I have only played the first one so far. I have found it to be highly addictive and will get a post up dedicated to it before the week is done.

I’m still plugging through Arkham Asylum and The Secret of Monkey Island. eventually I will get to the end of these 2 fine games.

I pre-ordered Dragon Age:Origins and have arranged to get the day off from work. It’s gonna be a happy day.

Keep gaming people!