Max Payne 2 Wallpaper

I was bored watching TV today, so I figures I’d make something out of all the Max Payne 2 screenshots I took.



Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to play Prototype in it’s entirety.  I had a blast for the 15 hours I spent playing it. I recommend it to those looking for something new while waiting for the big titles that come out in the fall.

The good people at IGN gave the game a score of 7.5. Other reviewers were mostly in the same boat. They didn’t hate the game, but they didn’t love it either. God forbid every video game that comes out fails to be the new Halo.

That’s my beef today. I had fun. It was a good game. Was it amazing? No, not really.

It’s what I want in a weekend of video gaming. I ran around Manhattan with super powers, sliced up tanks, and threw cars at helicopters while evading hordes of infected.

I’m OK with game studios making mid-range games. It would be foolish for them to invest 20 million dollars into every title produced. Sometimes they have to pay the light bill, and I need to waste a weekend playing something fun.

Mission accomplished.

Keep the infected at bay, people!