Uncharted 2 Demo

A demo for the popular PlayStation 3 title, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, is going up on the PlayStation Network today. This is a good time to release a demo with all the hype about the game. Go check it out if you are one of the silly people who owns a PS3 but hasn’t played Uncharted 2.

I still haven’t played Mass Effect 2 yet. I will get around to it. Really.

Bioshock 2 is going the way of Modern Warfare 2 and will not have dedicated server support or LAN play. Hopefully this isn’t a trend that will stick around long.

Activision is making some of their games available on Good old Games. Head to gog.com to download Arcanum or Gabriel Knight. I’m all for cheap classic games.

All the hype about Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is making me curious about the game. I might have to check it out.

In news about the blog I’m really liking the rapid fire style I’ve used. I’ll still do some full-sized posts in the style of reviews and opinions.

Keep on gaming people!


Uncharted 2 on top and Crysis in my drive

537,000 copies sold. Nathan Drake can get that hot tub he’s been wanting. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was the top-selling console game for the month of october. It beat out Halo 3: ODST by quite a leap. Uncharted 2 is more than likely going to be one of the top 10 selling games for the holiday season.

The colon is getting overused for game titles by the way. Halo 3: blah blah, Uncharted 2: Stuff, Dragon Age: the first game, and Resident Evil: OMG Zombies! Someone needs to make a game with a semicolon in the title. That will sell better. Dante’s Inferno; I will play this game.

My gaming has been an erratic hodge podge lately. I picked up Crysis when it was on sale this weekend via Steam. So far so good. It does have very impressive visuals that make my machine whimper a little bit. The multi player is rather good actually. I’ve also been playing Dragon Age to the point of exhaustion, and dabbling in Overlord II.

My finger is bandaged so typing is a chore right now.

Anyway, keep gaming people!


Uncharted 2 Extras

If you’re a fan of Sony’s new hit game, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, you might be interested in checking out the motion comic that’s been released for it on the PlayStation Network. It’s set before the first Uncharted game and sets up the character of Nathan Drake. It sounds a great idea to help market the game and it gives the current fans some more content. The first episode is free, but you’d have to pay for them after that.

Now i’m no marketing guru, but it would be to Sony’s advantage to make this available on other avenues before to long. They could make the motion comic available on iTunes or even on Sony’s website. It could help increase awareness of the Uncharted brand and increase console sales. With it only available on the PSN their preaching to the choir.

DLC will be coming to Uncharted 2 before the end of the year. Naughty Dog has also said that some of the DLC will be free. Their resources right now are completely dedicated to making more content for Uncharted 2. That’s great news for all the fans of the game.

It’s a great time to get a PS3. I don’t own one, and I probably won’t get one, but you should go buy one.

Keep on gaming people!

Santa Claus Will Bring you a PS3 this year!

And you better like it!

The Playstation 3 beat the Xbox 360 in sales for the past month.  Can it be the titan of sales this holiday season? Does it finally have the game library to support it? Does it’s online abilities compete with Xbox Live? Find out after we feen the reindeer!

reindeer_enjoy_their_work_3Ok, now that prancer has had his noms.

Sony’s track record says “Yes, we can rock this around the Christmas tree.”, but latley the Xbox and wii have been taking up the lime light. It isn’t too far fetched to believe that the PS3 could be the top console for at least one Christmas.

With recent console exclusives such as Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Demon’s Souls the PS3 game selection is looking brighter. There isn’t alot of mainstream titles that are not availble for the PS3 these days. It’s taken awhile for it to find it’s feet, but it’s rock solid now.

As far as multiplayer goes, the PS3 has one up on Microsoft. It’s free. Live is not. Enough said. The average consumer is going to want to save $50 bucks a year.  I know I do.

My dollar bets on the PlayStation 3 coming out on top this holiday season.

Keep on gaming people!

Uncharted 2: Number 2 seller for all

Uncharted 2: Among Thievs
Uncharted 2: Among Thievs

Recently I read the news that the PlayStation 3 exclusive title Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is the current number 2 seller for the month of October. I think that’s great news for the PS3. I can’t play it on my PC, but I’m still happy about it.

First reason it makes me happy is I hold a dark grudge against the Xbox 360. It’s become the Wal-Mart game system of choice and it’s lowering the bar for the rest of us. Cross platform games are generally developed with the 360 as the lead system resulting in lower graphics and performance. I understand why game companies do this. They need to make money to pay the bills.

Uncharted 2 is an amazing looking game using the Naughty Dog 2.0 and Havok engines. I don’t a game this awesome looking could run on the 360’s old hardware (it wasn’t that great to begin with). What I’m Hoping comes from this is more PS3/PC Exclusive games with higher graphics.

Games have fallen behind the current gen hardware and need to catch up. Uncharted 2 takes a bold step in that direction.

Now please let me have this on my PC.

Keep on gaming people!

Two Reasons I wish I owned a PS3

I hear people saying these are the two most fun games to date for the PS3, and since their doesn’t seem to be any other console sellers out there I’ll believe them.

Reason 1:Demon’s Souls

Demons Souls
Demon's Souls

A very hard RPG with pretty graphics. It has an interesting cooperative multi-player experience. In your game you see other players as ghosts that you can’t interact with outside of leaving messages for each other. These messages can have words of warning and tips. If you leave a good message another player can recommend it and your health will be recharged. You can also see blood spots where another player died. Clicking on these blood spots will allow you to see how they died. Demon’s soul sounds like a great RPG with some interesting new features.

Reason 2:Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

A action-adventure game where you get a play a man version of Lara Croft. Rather then being a sexy, puzzle solving, and wacky camera angles kinda girl, you get to be a rascally, thieving, stealthy, only slightly wacky camera angle kinda guy. Someday these types of games will use a camera style like God of War’s and they’ll work.

When these games come out for PC I’ll gladly buy them. And when Wii’s are free in happy meal’s I’ll get one of those too.

Keep dreaming people!