Arcania: Gothic 4 Demo

This game has been through more name changes than Prince. When first announced, it was called Gothic 4: Genesis, and through its development cycle, it has been called Gothic 4: Arcania, Arcania: A Gothic Tale, and finally they settled on Arcania: Gothic 4. Whatever the game may be called, I am happy to inform you, my beloved reader, that the demo for this game is out now.

Read my impressions on FTG.


Forever fall superbowl

Looking for a free good time? No, I’m not going to give you my phone number.  Visit to play Captain Forever. It’s fun browser-based game where you build a space ship from modules floating around you. Once you build a small at the beginning you venture out to attack other ships. Defeating these ships allows you to take their parts and add them to your own ship. It’s an addictive time waster that I recommend.

The PlayStation 3’s motion controller is being delayed until this fall. Looks like were stuck sitting on the couch to play our games for another 7 months. Bummer. I was looking forward to waving my arms around wildly and dancing about my living room.

51% percent of the people watching the Super Bowl admit to liking the ads better than the game. I don’t even bother to watch the game. I go online the day after and find all the commercials. That’s how I found Hulu back in 2008.

Keep on gaming people!

Krayonetta, Cramp Hero, and Sales

Bayonetta is stirring up a storm over its sexiness.Kratos is an over the top male stereo type Devil May Cry is over the top with its violence while Bayonetta went for over the top sexy. People are screaming that it’s offensive to women when characters look like this. People seem to forget that men are equally ridiculous in games. Art portrays everything in a way that is better than the real world. Get over it.

I played some DJ Hero at Best Buy. It’s a fun and inventive game. The music is solid and the game mechanics work really well. Once you get past the part where you suck and can’t figure out what the frak is going on you feel like a DJ. After playing for an hour you will have hand cramps and feel like crap but it’s not DJ hero’s fault you can’t take the pain.

The game industry was down 8% in sales compared to last years sales. The good news is that in December sales were up 4%.  December also saw the most PlayStation 3’s sold in a month. Yeah I know, it’s boring number stuff.

Keep on gaming people!

Dragon Age > Modern Warfare 2

I didn’t think this would happen actually. I thought I was in a minority of gamers that would rather play an RPG then “the most anticipated game of the year”. Apparently PC gamers are all like me, which is a rather scary thought since world domination is on my list of life goals.

Dragon Age: Origins beat out Modern Warfare 2 in sales this week for the PC.  MW2 was of course the top-selling game for consoles, but DAO was number 2 for the 360, and it came in third on PS3. Now this means one of two things. Either all the bad changes to MW2 caused it to lose a significant amount of sales, or DAO is an awesome enough game to beat out MW2 no matter what. I think it’s a combination of the 2 myself.

Dragon age is truly a great game and it’s sales are showing it. I think it will take awhile for it to gain momentum and popularity since it’s new IP. I see this one staying strong with sales for bit.

Infinity Ward really frakked up this one for PC gamers. I’m actually surprised that it’s came in second and not worse. I’m sure they expected higher sales and are scratching their heads in bewilderment. Hopefully they might fix some of these issues to try and regain some lost sales. I’ll buy it if they make the multiplayer suited to the PC.

Keep on gaming people!



Hey Sony! I can has Netflix?!

Folks, soon you will have Netflix streaming on your Playstation 3. Great news huh? I thought so. What else can I say about it? I could say that it’s awesome, but that would make me sound like a dork.

Well now that the Public Service Announcement is out of the way let’s just look at streaming video as a whole. I am part of a small, but rising number of people who don’t have cable. I have Netflix and Hulu. I can watch every show that I desire. I keep up on Fringe, Lost, House, The Office, and the new Stargate. I am able to go back and watch older shows such as the Original Stargate or Monty Python’s Flying Circus. I can watch whatever I want, when I want, and have shorter commercial breaks, or no commercials at all. Top that off with my movies being mailed to me on a regular basis and I have a great (cheap) system going.

Keep streaming video people!


Uncharted 2 Extras

If you’re a fan of Sony’s new hit game, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, you might be interested in checking out the motion comic that’s been released for it on the PlayStation Network. It’s set before the first Uncharted game and sets up the character of Nathan Drake. It sounds a great idea to help market the game and it gives the current fans some more content. The first episode is free, but you’d have to pay for them after that.

Now i’m no marketing guru, but it would be to Sony’s advantage to make this available on other avenues before to long. They could make the motion comic available on iTunes or even on Sony’s website. It could help increase awareness of the Uncharted brand and increase console sales. With it only available on the PSN their preaching to the choir.

DLC will be coming to Uncharted 2 before the end of the year. Naughty Dog has also said that some of the DLC will be free. Their resources right now are completely dedicated to making more content for Uncharted 2. That’s great news for all the fans of the game.

It’s a great time to get a PS3. I don’t own one, and I probably won’t get one, but you should go buy one.

Keep on gaming people!